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Title: Who's Got Spirit
Originally posted: At [ profile] hetaliasunshine, for anon Hazel!
Length: 3,200 words.
Characters/Pairings: Canada, Poland. A little America, France, and England thrown in at the end.
Premise: Stuck inside at a rained-out, boring conference, Poland takes Canada to task for his low spirits and teaches him how to B-E aggressive.
Time period: Modern.
Smuttiness: 0/10, minus some harmless innuendo.
Funnyness: 5/10
Wrist slashiness: 2/10
Lolhistoryness: 1/10
Violence: 1/10
Would I like it?: I nearly didn't finish this in time, because every time I started working on it, I had to take a break to watch the cheer battle scene from Bring It On to "inspire myself." Like, eleven times. I wish I were kidding.

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[ profile] paperclipchains: He's a little shiny
Pyrrhic Comedy: He's POLAND!
Paperclipchains: Hahahaha
Pyrrhic Comedy: Of COURSE he's shiny!
Pyrrhic Comedy: It was all I could do not to cover him with GLITTER and RAINBOWS!

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Title: Like, Sweet Nothings
Originally posted: 1/30/2009, on the kink meme. Link
Length: 710 words.
Characters/Pairings: US, Poland.
Premise: Poland, like, totally just wanted to see Liet, so what is this guy's problem?
Time period: Modern? Or 1920s? Really, it's pure crack.
Smuttiness: 0/10
Funnyness: 8/10
Wrist slashiness: 0/10
Lolhistoryness: 0/10
Violence: 0/10
Would I like it?: If you think Poland is inherently hilarious, yes. Otherwise, maybe not.

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