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I've always thought the history of Kaliningrad (formerly Königsberg) was interesting anyway, but today I found out that Kaliningrad Oblast--a tiny spit of land on the Baltic Sea that's roughly the size of Connecticut, mind you--contains 90% of the world's amber reserves.

So...let me see if I understand the history of this region properly. )
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So, I haven't been feeling especially inspired, lately...but I HAVE been feeling more-than-usually curious! Would anybody want to help me out with the first bit of that by indulging the second bit?

Tell me something about where you're from that is very common and ordinary, but that people from other places might not know about! I'm looking for the facts that make you think "Oh, I shouldn't share that, that's so obvious and normal," and then "...wait, does anybody do that but us?"

RESTRICTIONS: No holidays! Every country has its own holidays, but that's too obvious. I want to know daily life kind of things!

ALSO: No relics of past or present extra-national organizations! Citizens of the Commonwealth and the former Soviet Union, I am looking at you. Tell me something about your country specifically.

Example of something pretty surprising to foreigners that is extremely normal in America:
-- Daily, state-mandated declarations of loyalty. American students, K through 12, both in private and public schools, say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. (It goes like this, if you're curious: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands: one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. I guarantee you that any American you ever meet will be able to spit this out in under five seconds. In my headcanon, America says it to himself every morning, but only when he knows he won't get caught. >_> )

ONE LAST NOTE TO OTHER AMERICANS: If you can think of more stuff, that is awesome, please share it, but no regional things. I mean, grits are very normal in parts of America, but in other parts it's all, what's a grit. America is kind of a bad country for this, because we never shut up about our culture, so people tend to already know about America-only things like Halloween, or how we sing the national anthem at baseball games, or whatever.
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The comm is ready!

Go sign up! There's a new chapter up and everything! [ profile] the_chosen_end! Free hammer and sickle to every new member!

On a more serious note though, go sign up, 'cause for real, there's not gonna be any more TCE on our journals. The old Index will no longer be updated. And the new chapter is the first chapter of the Cold War. Like, officially. I know, right? We made it.
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Number of parking tickets given to former Soviet embassy employees in Washington, D.C. that remain unpaid: 50,693.
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Do you have a question you need answered? Need some advice? Want a poorly thought-out summary of the Franco-Prussian War? (He might have to consult Google.) America will answer that shit for you. Or at least, he'll try.

(So, I've kind of wanted to do this ever since writing that Dear Romano thing a zillion years ago, even though it's a really dumb idea. I just kind of love letting America ramble about things, and I feel like I don't get enough opportunities to do that in fic. XD INDULGE ME PLEASE, FRIENDSLIST)

Ground Rules:
1) What era America is this?
Modern, unless you specify otherwise, which is totally allowed. Just say "For 1960s America" or "For colony!America" or whatever if you don't want him to answer from a modern point of view.

2) Is this TCE-canon America?
It sure is. But with that in mind, try to keep your specific historical questions about his relationship with Russia after 1945 vague (America is not allowed to give spoilers, as much as he would like to). So "Hey 1960s America, what do you think of Russia?" is cool. "Hey 1960s America, what went down between you two during the Cuban Missile Crisis?" is not. Specific questions from before the end of WW2 are cool, though.

3) Can I ask America if he would go on a date with me? Or who his favorite sexual partner has been? Or what he thinks about Higgs bosons? Or if he can give a short but moving speech about the plight of the baleen whale? Or what was going through his mind when he dropped the atomic bombs?
You can ask America anything you want.

4) Can I ask America a question from the POV of another nation?
What, you mean like "Dear America: why haven't you called? -France" ? Yeah, that's cool too.

5) Can I ask America more than one question?
Of course! America loves to hear himself talk.

EDIT: this thread is now closed! It's been a lot of fun, thank you guys so much for playing with me! =D I reeeeally need to get back to writing fic now, though. So um...yeah. >_>
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The last time I posted Hetalia portraits to the comm, I got a bunch of people asking me how I draw, so this time I figured I'd, like...have something that could actually answer that?

So here's how I draw! I'm sure it's not the best way, but it works okay for me. Prussia will serve as my lovely assistant.

Warning - image heavy! )
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[ profile] crosswhisper reminded me that I cheated after filling one of [ profile] youkofujima's. So.

Like a kink meme and a request post put together, this is a reverse request meme. Take ten things you really want to see either fanart or fanfic of (don't be greedy, only ten or less!) and then see if anyone on your flist would fill them for you. Have them put their requests on their LJ and fill something for them!

Or as I like to call it, 'And What Have YOU Done For ME Lately?' )
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Hey guys! I just have a few questions for you, I hope that's all right.

A poll? For us? You shouldn't have! )
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Here's the format!


Yes you can pick a character who's already been done. There's plenty of cliches to go around. And please, nobody get offended! Tropes are still lovely when they're done well, and I've really enjoyed fics that have included pretty much all of these elements. Plus, a lot of these are totally supported by canon. But we can still poke gentle fun at our fandom, can't we? It's all in good fun!

Come on, you've noticed them, too. )
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So, the kink meme moves way too fast for me, these days. But I love prompts. So I thought to myself, "Hey, there are a bunch of totally awesome folks who read my journal, plus I really like posting things that might nudge lurkers out of their hidey holes. I have an idea!"

Wanna hear my idea? )
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From the "Yes, I Think About This Shit" files: my personal canon on what kind of hobbies the nations have picked up over the years.

You get no points for suggesting that Italy paints. )


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