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things about me
I like parrots, history, terrible puns, and shiny things. I can engage in an overlong, excited conversation on practically any subject. I like people but I am kind of a hermit; sometimes these two things come into conflict. I normally wait until I've talked to somebody a bit to counter-friend them. Please don't be offended. =D
things about fic
I write fic! You can do fanworks of it if you want, that is awesome and you do not need to ask. But I would like to see it when you're done, if you don't mind! I also draw things, I guess, and you're allowed to do anything you want with my drawings. Icon them, turn them into BGs, draw curly mustaches on them, whatever gets you going really. Just don't say you drew them.
things about the chosen end
All TCE-related content can now be found on [info]the_chosen_end community. ♥
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