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Title: This Is Ours
Originally posted: Here, for [ profile] isakana. 1/3 rare pair fics done! =D
Length: 1100 words.
Characters/Pairings: Lithuania/Latvia.
Premise: The pair curls up together and dreams of the future on the morning of the Baltic Way demonstration.
Time period: 1989.
Smuttiness: 1/10
Funnyness: 3/10
Wrist slashiness: 3/10
Warm-and-fuzziness: 6/10
Lolhistoryness: 6/10
Violence: 0/10
Would I like it?: Rare pair fics sort of by nature appeal to a fairly small subset of the fandom, but it's cute, and about a cool time in history, and it's not any harder on Russia than it had to be, so maybe you'll get something out of it? Also, Lithuania is not angsty, despairing, or martyred, and actually demonstrates a sense of humor! I know, right.


"You don't need to be afraid," Lithuania murmured.

Latvia shifted his head on Lithuania's shoulder. "I'm n-not."

They lay tangled into each other's laps, alone in a Sąjūdis basement. The carpet was faded and worn thin, and cold radiated up from the concrete floor below. Lithuania's fingers were tangled in the back of Latvia's collar, and Latvia could feel the ends of Lithuania's hair resting on his cheek. It wasn't worth it to either of them to move.

"We're just going to hold hands." Lithuania tucked his cheek in against Latvia's curls, and they both watched the headlights of a 3 AM car scroll through the high window. "In our own streets, and everyone will be watching. He wouldn't dare try to hurt us, when so many of the others have come to see."

"I-I know." Latvia hooked his fingertips into Lithuania's breast pocket, watched how the predawn light glowed across his knuckles.

"Estonia's organized everything…" Lithuania's voice drifted on, silver and soft. "The buses for our people--closing highways where we have to--it should be simple and peaceful. So you don't need to be afraid."

Latvia looked up at him, then worked his way up to his knees and lay his hands on Lithuania's shoulders. Their eyes caught on one another's. "I'm not scared," he said.

The corner of Lithuania's mouth turned up, and he huffed a laugh. "Sorry."

Latvia messed his hand through that tangled dark hair and managed a trembling smile back. "It's okay."

Lithuania leaned forward and touched their lips together, and Latvia shuddered like a blown curtain and draped himself back into his arms.

They were both afraid. They knew that. They knew that Russia would come and watch them when they and their people joined hands from Vilnius to Riga to Talinn, that he would bring riot police, tear gas, body shields; they knew there might be 'accidents.' But fear of Russia and his reprisals was so old it had gone numb, and they knew something else, too, something the West hadn't realized: that Russia was thinner inside his clothes, these days; that he had stopped sleeping.

That maybe he was dying.

"What's the first thing you're gonna do when we're free?" Latvia looked up with a sudden smile, his head tipped back so he could see the bottom of those solemn green eyes.

"Sleep," Lithuania fizzled on a laugh. "As soon as I get the phone call from the UN recognizing my independence, I'm going to crawl under fifteen quilts and go to sleep, and I'm not coming out for about twenty hours--"

Latvia sat up straight, beaming, wearing his enthusiastic America face. "'Hey Lithuania, congratulations! We all recognize you!'"

Lithuania's shoulders shook with laughter. "That's great!" He dropped his head onto Latvia's shoulder. A second later, he made a sound like noisy snoring.

"'Lithuania? Lithuania, it's your president! We're throwing a party in your honor! There's going to be dancing! And sweets! And Belarus will be there! Wake up!'"

A sharp snort, and then continued snoring.

"You don't snore," Latvia giggled. He tugged at the sides of Lithuania's shirt.

"I know." Lithuania sat up. "That's Prussia."

"Hungary snores, too," Latvia sighed.

"A little bit," Lithuania allowed. "But it's cute when she does it."

Latvia, who had shared a wall with Hungary for a number of years, refrained from comment. They smiled at each other for a while.

"What about you," Lithuania prompted. He caught Latvia's hands and twisted their fingers together. "First thing you're going to do."

Latvia heaved a deep breath. "I don't know," he confessed.

"You don't know!" Lithuania launched an attack in retaliation, jabbed his hands inside Latvia's coat and tickled hard into his ribs. Latvia crumpled, pawed at Lithuania's shoulders, helpless with laughter. "We've only been dreaming about it for fifty years, how can you not know?"

"Stop, stop stop--" tears scalded at the corner of Latvia's eyes, and Lithuania subsided, pulled Latvia back in close in his lap. Latvia hitched and hiccupped on his laughter for another half a minute. "I-I j-just mean I c-can't decide! S-sometimes I think I--I just want to walk around Riga again. Just…just look at everything, f-for the thousandth time, a-and finally get the chance to say, 'this is mine.'"

"It is yours," Lithuania said, firm, and touched the tip of Latvia's nose for emphasis.

Latvia nodded, and Lithuania's forefinger skidded onto his cheek. The older nation shifted, then, cupped the line of his face. Latvia exhaled. "A-and sometimes I think…m-maybe I'll want to go travelling! I-I mean, we haven't, we haven't…been allowed t-to go anywhere since--since--"

Lithuania nodded and kissed his forehead, swiped his curls out of his face. "We'll go on vacation," he promised. "Just the two of us. We'll go see all the places we've been hearing about on the radio…once I wake up," he added.

"Maybe I'll come visit you," Latvia said softly as he settled into the curve of Lithuania's shoulder again.

Lithuania had to tuck his chin in against his chest to make eye contact. "Hmm?"

The corners of Latvia's mouth twitched, but it wasn't really a smile. He fingered the brass edging of Lithuania's top button. "Because you'll get your independence first. Y-you…you always fight first, and the hardest. Out--out of the three of us, I mean."

Lithuania bit his lip and looked out past their feet at the carpet. Latvia squirmed in his lap and offered him another smile. "So you'll get free first! A-and I bet you'll have plenty of good advice for me, by the time I'm free! A-and--and--"

Lithuania cupped Latvia's face between his hands and pulled back to look at him. "If I get free first, I'll come and see you, the second you're independent, too," he whispered. "And I'll help you take down all the red flags, and we'll put up your flags everywhere, and--"

"And I'll t-take you out to lunch, where the Venta crosses our borders," Latvia picked up, breathless. "And we'll be able to look up and down the river, a-as far as we can see, and say--say that--"

Lithuania nodded, and they clung to each other.

"And we won't have to be afraid anymore," Lithuania whispered against his throat.

Latvia felt his heart beat faster. His fingers cramped in the back of Lithuania's shirt. "I d-don't even know what th-that's like."

Lithuania squeezed him in around his waist and let out a shaking breath. "That's all right. It's all right; you'll find out."


--On August 23rd, 1989, approximately two million people joined hands to form a human chain that stretched from Vilnius through Riga to Talinn, in a visually stunning demonstration of Baltic hopes for independence known as the the Baltic Way. In fact, there were no 'accidents,' and the Kremlin's response to the incident was restrained (excepting a somewhat hysterical initial declaration which was later disowned by the Central Committee). Six months later, Lithuania became the first SSR to declare its independence from the Soviet Union.


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