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I was a bit surprised when I received my assignment for the [ profile] usxussr_santa exchange. Since I was one of the few people who had expressed a content preference for the story I wrote (historical; also, not pornographic), and since seven or eight people had made historical requests with a preferred rating of R or less, I had somewhat expected to get one of those people.

When I didn't--and instead got someone who had made no historical requests at all, and who seemed to be expecting porn (that's how I interpreted a requested rating of "anything. Awwww yeah," anyway)--I was a little confused. And then I got a little suspicious.

It turns out I was assigned to one of the three moderators.

Increasingly suspicious by this point, I talked to [ profile] wizzard890, my TCE co-author. It turns out she was also assigned to a moderator.

I'm pretty sure I don't have to spell out where I'm going with this.

Wizard and I have withdrawn from the event. We're disappointed, too, because we were both really excited about a Russia/America Christmas exchange--and this doesn't seem very much in keeping with the spirit of the holiday.

This post is comment locked; I'm not looking to cause drama. I just feel bad for recommending this event to everyone, when it turns out it is sort of shady.


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