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I'd like to help!

Okay, so you don't have to absolutely, 100% OTP them, but no wishy washy, "Oh, Denmark and Liechtenstein, I bet that'd be funny" kinda ships, okay? I mean the ships that you really love, and think have a lot of merit, and it kills you that you can't find anything for them in fandom. I want to write something for them!

So here's what you do:

Tell me the pairing. Since it's a rare pair, I might not have any idea why anybody would ship that, so explain why you ship it. ("They look cute together" does not help me. Find an artist instead. XD) Then give me a couple prompts for them. Actually, wait, I'm going to give that its own line since people seem to be overlooking it:

Give me prompts for them. Like, 1-3 prompts. I'd like to see PG-13 prompts, if you don't mind; smut might happen, but I don't like to commit to it.

In a week (so, at the end of the CMC Event at the [ profile] russiamerica comm, which is going to be kicking my ass until it's over) I'll pick three pairings and write stories for them! Selection will be based on which pairings/prompts I think would be the most fun to write about (what? I'm the one who's got to write it, leave me alone), and which are the most underrepresented in fandom. Also, if you have an outstanding request credit with me (from the reverse request meme or my ancient, ancient request thread--no I haven't forgotten about that), then I'm gonna treat this as your fill. XD

Gimme your best shot!

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