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This is where you can find every fic in the ongoing Russia/America collaboration between myself and [ profile] wizzard890. While we hope that each chapter can be enjoyed on its own, they were written as part of a continuing story.

4/15/09: Have you made or seen TCE-inspired fanart? That's awesome! Can we see it? We want to fangirl, too! Just post a link in the comments below, or (if you're shy) drop a line to one of us personally. It would be way appreciated. Thank you!


(1) Discrepancies - [ profile] wizzard890 and [ profile] pyrrhiccomedy
1780: their first diplomatic contact.
PG-13 for gossip, innuendo, and Catherine the Great.

(2) Poor At Apologies - [ profile] wizzard890 and [ profile] pyrrhiccomedy
1814: After Napoleon's exile, both nations find plenty of reasons to complain about England.

(3) Favorites - [ profile] pyrrhiccomedy
1822: America asks Russia to arbitrate a dispute with England over the Treaty of Ghent. England can't decide if he wants to smack America more because he's a demanding, upstart little ingrate, or to beat some sense into him for pursuing a friendship with Russia.
PG-13 for nations generally behaving like huge jerks.

(4) A Slice of the World - [ profile] wizzard890 and [ profile] pyrrhiccomedy
1823: America goes to talk to Russia about his Pacific coast colonies after President Monroe issues his new foreign policy tenants that would later be known as the Monroe Doctrine. Sensitive issues are insensitively addressed, America is easily distracted by flying machines, and most of the emotional subtext goes over his head.
I say it's PG, wizzard says it's PG-13. I guess we'll have to have a dance-off.

(5) Excuses - [ profile] wizzard890 and [ profile] pyrrhiccomedy
1855: American humanitarian aid given to the Russia during the Crimean War takes the form of America feeding laudanum to an injured Russia, and Russia making the most of it.
[ profile] minuiko's (ongoing!) doujin based on this story: 1 2

(6) Jealousy - [ profile] wizzard890 and [ profile] pyrrhiccomedy
1861: Russia drops by to share the good news that serfdom in his country has been abolished, to find America on the cusp of a breakdown and civil war.

(7) Antietam - [ profile] pyrrhiccomedy
1862: Russia supports America on America's bloodiest day in history, and is reminded of his own.
PG-13 for descriptions of violence.

(8) The Hunt - [ profile] wizzard890 and [ profile] pyrrhiccomedy
1872: There's Wild Bill Cody, George Custer, buffalo hunting, and serious makeouts. I don't really know what else to tell you.
PG-13 for the makeouts, I guess.

(9) Lies - [ profile] wizzard890
1886: America discovers Dostoyevsky, and he can't shut up about it.

(10) Heat - [ profile] wizzard890 and [ profile] pyrrhiccomedy
1892: Famine ravages Russia. America goes to help, and ends up concluding that it would be inappropriate to take advantage of him when he's weak and sick and groggy. (More's the pity, I know.)

(11) An Understanding - [ profile] wizzard890 and [ profile] pyrrhiccomedy
1903: The Kishinev Pogrom marks the beginning of a new wave of antisemitism in Russia, and America gets to be a hero. Narrated by Israel; includes brief appearances from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland.
PG-13 for violence. Please be aware that this chapter includes strong anti-Semitic language and violence against women.

(12) First Kiss of Winter - [ profile] wizzard890 and [ profile] pyrrhiccomedy
1905: Russia receives a worried visitor after the horrifying events of Bloody Sunday.
PG-13 for violent imagery.

(13) Permission and Promises - [ profile] wizzard890
1917: The Bolshevik Revolution brings Russia hope for the first time in decades. The Romanovs' power over Russia fades, and America sends along cautious congratulations.

(14) To Russia With Love - [ profile] pyrrhiccomedy
1918: America writes Russia a letter from the front lines of the Great War. I'm not gonna call it a love letter, but he does get a little gay there towards the end.
PG, excusing bad language.

(15) Interregnum - [ profile] wizzard890 and [ profile] pyrrhiccomedy
1919: The American embassy in Moscow closes its doors, and Russia comes to say goodbye.

These stories are not a part of The Chosen End, but we treat them as canonical within this timeline, and events from these fics may be mentioned in The Chosen End.

Loyalty to the Crown - [ profile] pyrrhiccomedy
1763: England reminds America just who won the French & Indian War for him.
R for adult themes and sexual situations.

Boston - [ profile] pyrrhiccomedy
1774: Ideological differences are about to split England and America apart, but who cares about that? There's sex in it.

It's Really A Threesome - [ profile] pyrrhiccomedy
1803: France/America - The Louisiana Purchase. Also, England cockblocks France and America without ever appearing in the story.
NC-17, because hey, it's France.

Burn It Down - [ profile] pyrrhiccomedy
1814: England, America. The burning of Washington DC.
PG-13 for violence.

Catharsis - [ profile] wizzard890
1918: England/Russia. After the murder of the Romanovs.

Fear of God - [ profile] wizzard890
1960s: England, Russia. Russia attempts to dissuade England from supporting America during the Cold War.
PG-13 for violence.

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